Walnut Brownies

Walnut Brownies Healthy Recipe

12 Servings 30 min Cook

Macros/Serving: 438 Calories


1 Cup Butter
7 Tbsp Cocoa
4 Medium Egg
2 Cup Sugar
1/2 Cup unpacked Brown Sugar
1 1/3 Cup Wheat Flour
1 Dash Salt
2 Tsp Vanilla Extract
1 Cup pieces or chips Walnuts


Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

Use a microwave to melt the butter in a large bowl (big enough to hold all the ingredients.

) Stir the cocoa powder into the melted butter

In a separate small bowl, beat the eggs well, then stir in 2 cups sugar.

Add 1/2 cup brown sugar and stir again.

Stir the egg mixture into the cocoa mixture.

Then add the flour, salt, and vanilla and stir to combine.

Use your fingers to break enough walnuts to make 1 cup, and then gently stir them into the batter.

Spray a glass baking dish with nonstick spray and then add the batter, pressing down so it's evenly flat.

Bake about 30 minutes (or until a toothpick comes out clean), then let the brownies cool in the pan for 10-15 minutes before cutting.