Salad with Ginger-Sesame-Miso Dressing

Salad with Ginger-Sesame-Miso Dressing Healthy Recipe

8 Servings

Macros/Serving: 22 Calories
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1/2 Tbsp Miso
1 Tbsp Rice Wine Vinegar
3/4 Tsp Liquid Aminos
1 Tbsp Sesame Oil
1/4 Tsp Ginger
1 Tbsp Water
2 Cup shredded Lettuce
1/4 Cup, chopped or sliced Tomatoes
1/4 Cup strips or slices Carrots


Place miso, vinegar, liquid aminos, oil, ginger, and water into a blender or food processor.

Blend until smooth.

Combine chopped lettuce, tomatoes, and carrots.

Add dressing and toss together.