Healthy Avocado Egg Salad and Salmon Sandwich

Healthy Avocado Egg Salad and Salmon Sandwich Healthy Recipe

4 Servings 10 min Cook

Macros/Serving: 289 Calories
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4 Large Egg, Hard-Boiled
1/2 Fruit, without skin and seed Avocados
1 Tbsp Light Mayonnaise
1/2 Tsp Dijon Mustard
1/2 Tbsp chopped Chives
1/4 Tsp Salt
1/4 Tsp Pepper
1 1/3 Oz Chinook Salmon
8 Slice regular Multi-Grain Bread
2/3 Cup slices Cucumbe


Add eggs to a small sauce pan and cover with water Bring to a boil.

Cover, remove from heat and let sit 10 minutes.

Rinse with cold water, shall eggs, and separate yolk from white.

Combine the egg yolks with the avocado, light mayo, mustard, chives, salt, and pepper.

Mash with a fork.

Chop the egg whites and add to yolks; adjust salt and pepper as needed.

To assemble, place 1 oz lox on each sandwich, top with cucumber and divide egg salad between sandwiches.