Omelet with Feta and Bacon

Omelet with Feta and Bacon Healthy Recipe

1 Servings 12 min Cook

Macros/Serving: 272 Calories
Tags:keto | breakfast


2 Large Egg
1 Dash Salt
1 Dash Pepper
1 Strip Bacon
1 Oz Feta Cheese
1 Tbsp chopped Onions


Beat the eggs with a pinch of salt and pepper (or to taste).

Chope the bacon, crumble the cheese, and mince the onion.

Place the pan over high heat and let it get a bit warmed up, but not too hot, them put the bacon in.

When the bacon starts sizzling pour the beaten eggs over them, moving the pan in such a way that the mixture covers the whole surface.

Turn down the heat so that the omelet doesn't cook too fast or get burnt.

When the edges of the omelet start to slightly harden add the cheese and onions over the eggs spreading them evenly over 3/4 of the omelet in a thin layer (not quite to the edges, as we will fold it and don't want it to leak out).

Use the spatula to fold the omelet in half and let it cook a bit more on it's side, then turn it over once more to finish cooking.

Serve and enjoy!