Iced Coconut Matcha Latte

Iced Coconut Matcha Latte Healthy Recipe

1 Servings

Macros/Serving: 608 Calories


3/4 Cup Lowfat Milk
1/3 Tbsp Matcha Green Tea Mix
1 Tsp Maple Syrups
1 Tsp Coconut Oil
1 Cube Ice Cubes
1 Cup Coconut Milk


Place all of the ingredients except the coconut milk and ⅓ of the ice into a blender and blend until smooth.

Add another ⅓ of the ice and pulse a few times, just to break it down slightly.

Add the coconut milk and the remaining ice into a glass or jar and slowly pour in the green matcha so that the two don’t fully mix but create a layered look.